FilmConvert Unveils Halation for Nitrate

The world of film emulation has just received an exciting update from FilmConvert, a name synonymous with providing high-quality tools for filmmakers and post-production professionals. They have now introduced a new feature, Halation, for their popular FilmConvert Nitrate software. Here’s everything you need to know about this latest development.

About FilmConvert:

Before diving into the specifics of Halation, let’s quickly look at FilmConvert. The company has established a reputation for crafting realistic film emulation tools that cater to the needs of digital filmmakers. Their solutions have been praised for bringing the aesthetic qualities of film to digital footage, enhancing the creative possibilities for filmmakers worldwide.

The New Feature: Halation:

Released on November 20, 2023, Halation is an exciting addition to FilmConvert Nitrate. Priced at $59 USD, this add-on promises to bring an extra layer of authenticity to digital footage. For those unfamiliar, Halation is a characteristic effect of shooting on film. It manifests as a soft, red glow or ‘halo’ around bright parts of an image, particularly visible around strong light sources. This effect, often associated with a dreamy and romantic feel, is now within reach for digital filmmakers.

Before and after with FilmConvert Nitrate Halation | Photo from FilmConvert

Crafting Authenticity:

The development team at FilmConvert has put significant effort into recreating this effect. Their approach involved meticulously tracing light in an image to accurately determine where and how halation occurs. The goal was to craft an effect that not only looks authentic but integrates seamlessly into digital footage, enhancing its overall appearance without overpowering it.

User Control and Customization:

Understanding the diverse needs of filmmakers, FilmConvert designed Halation with a range of controls. Users can adjust the sensitivity, strength, hue, and softness of the halation effect. Additionally, more detailed settings are available for those who wish to fine-tune the effect, ensuring that it complements their specific vision and style.

FilmConvert Nitrate Halation Settings in DaVinci Resolve | Photo from FilmConvert
Before and after with FilmConvert Nitrate Halation | Photo from FilmConvert

FilmConvert’s Halation add-on for Nitrate is more than just a new feature. It represents the company’s ongoing commitment to bridging the gap between digital and film. By offering such nuanced and customization effects, FilmConvert continues to support filmmakers in their quest to achieve the desired aesthetic quality in their projects. As we eagerly await the release of Halation, it’s clear that this will be a significant addition to the toolkit of any filmmaker or post-production professional seeking to add a touch of cinematic magic to their digital footage.

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