Crafting Visual Journeys – Pierrick Lambert

How does the art of post-production transform the way we perceive and experience travel and cultural events? Then read our interview with Pierrick Lambert, France.

Photo from Pierrick Lambert

What’s your area of expertise in post-production and who are your main clients?

Overall, I love all the creative aspects of production. However, if I had to choose, I would say that my specialty in post-production is color grading. Giving an ambiance and style to an image with colors is like painting a picture for me. My main clients are primarily in the tourism and event sectors, such as tourist offices looking to promote their destinations or music festivals in the cultural field.

Photo from Pierrick Lambert

Tell us about your journey in post-production. What inspired you to enter this field, and what drives you each day to excel in your work?

I was a chef before, haha, but I was already doing a lot of personal photography and videography on the side. I was 13 when I made my first production with an old camera. Years later, my travel productions caught the attention of some players in the tourism industry. That’s how I naturally created TTW Production, my production company. Today, it’s my main activity, and I’ve never lost that passion. I absolutely love what I do, and since then, I’ve never felt like I was working.

Photo from Pierrick Lambert

What’s your biggest achievement in your post-production career?

Every creation is an achievement in itself, but I am particularly proud of my personal video of London. For a client, I’d say it’s being selected from hundreds of candidates to work with the @bestjobers, well-known travel influencers in France.

Photo from Pierrick Lambert

What are some of the challenges you face in post-production and how do you overcome them?

Common challenges include tight deadlines, high client expectations, and the need to stay up-to-date with the latest visual trends. I tackle these challenges by meticulously planning my workflow and investing in continuous training to stay on the cutting edge.

Photo from Pierrick Lambert

What are your top 3 pieces of advice for someone aspiring to succeed in the post-production industry?

It’s crucial to always stay curious and open to learning. One should not be afraid to push the boundaries of their creativity, as that’s what will make the difference. Finally, never give up. Practice and repeat many times to sharpen your eye and become an expert in the field. That’s what I do, and I think I will never stop.

Photo from Pierrick Lambert

What are the three most essential tools or software in your post-production toolkit, and how do they enhance your workflow?

Firstly, the DaVinci Resolve software is incredible for color grading I can’t do without it. I’m not yet very familiar with the rest, as I still do editing on Premiere Pro. Secondly, I use the Neat Video tool a lot for noise reduction. It’s a very powerful tool for smoothing out imperfections in shots and then adding controlled grain to the image. Lastly, I sometimes use Topaz Video AI to upscale HD footage to 4K.

Where can people find you?

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