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Big update coming your way from, the popular platform for video review and approval! They’ve just announced their latest major upgrade since being founded back in 2015 and later joining Adobe in 2021. As a community with over 4 million users, including those working on major films and TV shows, this update is something to look forward to. Version 4 was introduced today, and it’s not just any regular update. It marks the fourth major iteration of the product and is described as the largest upgrade to date. The platform has been completely redesigned and rebuilt to enhance your creative workflow. Now, it not only supports video review and approval but transforms into a comprehensive creative operating system.


What’s new in Version 4? Here are some key highlights:

  • Design Overhaul: The new design emphasizes ease of navigation and efficient asset management. With a newly designed Workspaces homepage and project cards, it’s easier than ever to manage large accounts and add new team members.
  • Enhanced Project Interaction: The interface now includes a folder navigation tree within projects, making it simpler to move through assets. Additionally, a new panel-based layout system allows for a customizable workspace that suits various workflows.
  • Upgraded Viewer and Commenting: The viewer supports a wider range of media formats, and a new commenting system enables more precise feedback with anchored comments. This should make the review process much clearer and more efficient.
  • Advanced Metadata and Collections: One of the standout features is the ability to create custom fields and statuses. This allows for tailored tracking and organization of assets. Collections let you dynamically filter and organize media using metadata, streamlining how assets are managed.
  • Improved Sharing and User Management: Sharing has been revamped to offer more customization and control. A new role-based permission system has been implemented, providing better security and management over who can access what within your projects.

The rollout of Version 4 will occur in stages throughout 2024, starting with a Beta version available today for eligible Pro Plan customers. This new version promises not just improvements but a transformation in how creative teams collaborate and manage their projects. aims to make these tools more accessible with a simpler licensing model, introducing a new type of free Guest license, alongside the paid Member option. This should make it easier to integrate freelancers and other temporary team members into projects.

To sum it up, Version 4 sounds like a significant leap forward in supporting the creative processes of filmmakers, designers, and other media professionals. It’s all about improving workflow, efficiency, and collaboration.

Stay tuned as they roll out more features and integration options throughout the year!

Thanks for reading and keep creating!

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