New Ci’s Media Cloud Business Plan

ci media cloud vault

Ci’s Business Plan is a new, intermediary offering between the Team plan and Enterprise option, designed for businesses and companies managing rich media across multiple teams and departments. This plan is ideal for those who need an online solution that offers more than the Team plan but isn’t as extensive as the Enterprise package. The Business Plan includes:

  • Unlimited Team Workspaces
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • 1 TB Active Storage and 4 TB Archive Storage
  • Advanced file requests & sharing with watermarking
  • Collaborative review sessions
  • Custom branding
  • Usage analytics

One of the key features of the Business Plan is the Company Network, which allows unlimited Workspaces – think of these as “rooms” in a “house”. Each Workspace can be dedicated to different teams or projects, ensuring content and team separation while remaining under the same network management. This structure is particularly beneficial for:

  • Marketing & Brand Teams: Organize campaigns, projects, and collaborations with external partners in distinct Workspaces, each with its folders and subfolders for efficient content organization.
  • Creative, Ad & Marketing Agencies: Manage rich media for multiple clients in separate Workspaces, ensuring confidentiality and streamlined client review processes.
  • Video Production Companies: Handle numerous projects and clients with designated Workspaces for each, leveraging Ci’s integrated archive storage for efficient file management.

The Business Plan stands out for its ability to support businesses dealing with large volumes of rich media. It ensures seamless collaboration, enhanced security, and efficient organization, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of media-related businesses. Whether it’s for marketing teams, creative agencies, or video production companies, the Business Plan offers a tailored approach to managing rich media effectively.

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