Nara FilmLight’s New Media Tool to Enhance Collaboration in Post-Production

Today, we’re diving into an exciting development in the world of media production. FilmLight, the creators of the Baselight grading system, have just unveiled a new tool called Nara. This innovative platform is set to transform the way media professionals handle their workflows and collaborate, making it easier to work together and speed up production processes.

Source: Nara

Nara is designed to offer instant access to media files from anywhere in the world. For those in post-production and visual effects, this means you can stream, review, and manage media without the typical delays or technical hassles. One of the standout features of Nara is its ability to play back a wide variety of media formats directly in your web browser—no need to convert these files into proxies, saving valuable time and computing resources.

The platform uses a powerful streaming engine that optimizes bandwidth usage, ensuring smooth playback even with high-resolution files. Additionally, Nara includes an advanced indexing system, which rapidly retrieves data, allowing you to quickly find the exact media you need. This system supports a vast range of codecs, including RAW camera formats and complex deliverables like IMF and DCP.

Source: Nara

From editors and colorists to VFX artists and directors, Nara aims to streamline the collaborative tasks that often slow down production, such as progress reviews and approval processes. This means creatives can spend more time focusing on the artistic aspects of their projects.

Security is also a key component of Nara. The tool provides controlled access to media through a web-based browser that mirrors your facility’s security protocols. This ensures that all content remains secure while still being easily accessible to authorized team members.

Source: Nara

Molinare, a leading post-production house in London, has been involved in the early testing of Nara. They report that the tool has significantly improved their workflow, enabling quick navigation and access to media, simplifying the process of checking and reviewing content.

Nara is scalable and can be implemented on a facility’s network storage, whether on-site or in the cloud. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly into existing systems, offering a turnkey solution for media management.

In summary, Nara by FilmLight is not just a tool for Baselight users but a comprehensive solution designed to meet the needs of all media professionals looking to enhance their operational efficiency and collaborative capabilities.

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