Adobe’s approach to generative AI

Adobe is expanding its AI capabilities in Premiere Pro. They’ve mentioned integrating not only their own AI models but also third-party models, like those from Runway and Open AI Sora. This is part of their broader strategy to embrace a variety of specialized AI models across their applications.

Source: Adobe

The idea here is to use AI to generate additional video content, such as b-roll, which can be edited directly into projects. This could potentially save a lot of time and open up new creative possibilities for video editors. For example, they’re looking into a tool that could extend the length of a shot, which could be particularly useful when you’re just short of the perfect cut.

Adobe emphasized that these AI tools are designed to integrate smoothly into Premiere Pro, aiming to enhance the editing workflow without disrupting the creative process. This approach is about giving editors more creative tools and options, maintaining the flexibility to choose the right tool for the right task.

Adobe’s initiative seems to be about pushing the boundaries of what can be done within video editing by leveraging the power of AI, making the software more versatile and capable.

What do you all think about the potential of AI in Premiere Pro? Do you see this as a game changer for your editing workflows? Let’s discuss the possibilities and maybe even share some concerns about relying on AI for creative processes.

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