Revolution in Motion Picture Quality with TrueCut Motion by Pixelworks

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TrueCut Motion by Pixelworks has emerged as a groundbreaking technology in the realm of motion picture production and delivery. This innovative platform has reshaped the way filmmakers and audiences experience motion in movies, ensuring the artistic intent of directors is flawlessly conveyed across diverse screens, from grand cinema halls to compact mobile devices.

The Birth of Motion – Source: Pixelworks/Vimeo

What is TrueCut Motion?

TrueCut Motion represents a significant leap in motion picture technology. It provides filmmakers with a comprehensive set of tools to control and enhance motion in films. This technology addresses common issues like motion blur, judder, and the unwanted “soap opera” effect, often seen in high frame rate (HFR) films. By offering features such as Judder Control, Shutter Angle control, Frame Rate Control, and Crank Control, TrueCut Motion enables directors to maintain or restore a filmic look in their high-frame-rate shots.

TrueCut Motion Tools Demonstration – Source: Truecut Motion/YouTube
Before and After – Source: Truecut Motion/YouTube

Revolutionizing Film Viewing with TrueCut Motion

The influence of TrueCut Motion extends beyond just the filming process. Its post-production capabilities ensure that movies look consistent and maintain their intended motion quality across various screens. This is particularly crucial in today’s landscape where content is consumed on a plethora of devices, each with different screen sizes and display capabilities. TrueCut Motion effectively addresses these variations, ensuring a uniform and high-quality viewing experience.

High-Profile Adoption and Impact

The technology has already made a significant impact in the industry, with high-profile adoptions and endorsements. Notably, the re-release of iconic films like “Avatar” and “Titanic” in 4K, utilizing TrueCut Motion to remaster these classics in high frame rate, stands as a testament to its effectiveness. These films, presented with enhanced visual clarity and motion smoothness, offer audiences a novel viewing experience while preserving the original cinematic feel.

TrueCut Motion in Theaters and Homes

One of the key aspects of TrueCut Motion is its versatility in delivering consistent quality across various platforms. Whether it’s in a cinema or a home theater, this technology ensures that the director’s vision is accurately represented. This is particularly relevant in an era where the lines between theatrical and at-home viewing are increasingly blurring. TrueCut Motion maintains the artistic intent in the transfer from master to distribution, adapting to different HDR, SDR, and color formats seamlessly.

A Future-Proof Solution for Filmmakers and Audiences

The future of cinema is headed towards higher frame rates and improved motion quality. TrueCut Motion positions itself as an essential tool in this evolution, providing filmmakers with the means to explore new creative possibilities while guaranteeing that their vision reaches the audience as intended. Its impact on improving motion quality in films is a significant step forward in the ongoing quest for cinematic perfection.


TrueCut Motion by Pixelworks is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a new language in the art of filmmaking. By addressing the challenges of motion representation in high frame rate films and ensuring consistency across various viewing platforms, it stands as a pivotal development in the cinematic world. As we move forward, TrueCut Motion is poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of film production and consumption, delivering unparalleled visual experiences that stay true to the filmmaker’s vision.

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