Rising Sun Pictures’ Mastery in Recreating 1960s New York for ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’

Bringing the 1960s New York to Life

In the latest Indiana Jones film, Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) takes on the challenge of recreating 1960s New York City. The studio’s work under the guidance of Julian Hutchens is a marvel of visual effects, featuring city streets and subway chases that perfectly capture the era.

A Complex Blend of Real and Digital

RSP’s approach to the large-scale environments and action sequences focused on realism and supporting the narrative. The subway chase sequence exemplifies this, combining onset photography, bluescreen stunt work, and full CG shots. This blend creates a seamless and dramatic experience for the audience.

Transforming Glasgow into New York

One of RSP’s notable achievements was transforming present-day Glasgow into 1969 New York City. The key was to embrace what was already in the plate photography and enhance it with CG work. The result is a believable and detailed visual representation of New York, complete with iconic elements like yellow traffic lights and rooftop water towers.

Overcoming the Challenges of Crowd Simulation

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, RSP had to create thousands of digital fans for the Apollo 11 tickertape parade. This required extensive motion-capture shoots and a diverse library of actions. The result is a lively and convincing crowd, demonstrating RSP’s ability to overcome production challenges with innovative solutions.

Rising Sun Pictures’ contribution to ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’ is a showcase of their ability to recreate historical settings with stunning realism. Their work not only enhances the storytelling but also pays homage to the rich visual history of New York City, cementing their status as leaders in the field of visual effects.

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