Framestore’s VFX Breakdown for The Crown Series 6

In the sixth and final season of “The Crown,” Framestore delivered impressive visual effects, focusing on iconic scenes and structures that recall a significant era. The VFX team, led by Ollie Bersey, primarily concentrated on enhancing and crafting familiar environments and buildings. Notable challenges included the detailed creation of the Whistler ski resort and the transformation of a Hull square into a fully CG replica of Piccadilly Circus, based on historical photographs. The season also featured a comprehensive CG build of the Ritz Paris and its surroundings to capture the chaotic atmosphere of Princess Diana’s final months. Leveraging their Virtual Production ecosystem, Framestore integrated existing 3D data for digital set extensions, contributing to the seamless fusion of real and virtual elements and enhancing the series’ visual authenticity​

The Crown Series 6 VFX Breakdown – Source: Framestore/YouTube
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