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4 Reviews on “JayAreTV”

4 reviews
  • I am a card-carrying member of Justin’s JAYARETV Pro membership group, and I have to say, that the value I’ve received is second-to-none. I have already used many of his tools for pressing projects that have saved me hours of time and frustration. I recently started taking his Fusion course, which is blowing my mind right now.

    If you want TRUE VALUE on the in’s and out’s of Davinci Resolve, you’ve GOT to try his membership group! The support I’ve received, questions answered, and just general “good vibes” is what you will get.

    Thank you so much Justin for providing all of us such a VALUABLE services and tools. You’re the BEST!!

    – Edie Williams –

    1. Justin Robinson Business Owner

      Thank you for your wonderful review! Your success and satisfaction with my services at JayAreTV truly make all the effort worthwhile.

  • It is clear and obvious after only watching for a few moments that this man knows his stuff, and more importantly can explain it in a way that I can easily take it in.

    Love ya work !!!

    1. Justin Robinson Business Owner

      Thank you for your kind words! I’m delighted to know that my explanations are clear and helpful to you. Your appreciation truly means a lot!

  • I used two of your wedding titles for a short film’s opening credits. Even inadvertently created a “red herring” by doing so!

  • I had a one-on-one consultation with Justin to help troubleshoot some project specific issues that I was having on the Fusion and color pages of Davinci Resolve. I had a lot of questions to get through and we were able to tackle all of it. Anything that Justin didn’t immediately know how to do he was able to figure out very quickly. He showed me how to do a few things in a much simpler and more efficient way than what I’d been doing before.

    It was time and money very well spent and I highly recommend his teaching!

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